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RUMOR: ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ To Film in Atlanta

Godzilla vs Kong may film in Atlanta, GEorgia. Several months ago, Millie Bobby Brown’s Godzilla wrapped production in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, according to reports, Godzilla vs. Kong maybe headed back to the ATL. Legendary Pictures is reportedly...
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‘Godzilla’ Actors Reveal What It is Like Wearing the Suit: “We Risked Our Lives”

A brand new Godzilla movie is reportedly in pre-production in Atlanta, Georgia. But, what about the actors that first starred in the original Godzilla movie? According to a Hollywood Reporter report, the actors inside the Godzilla costumes didn't have...
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Warner Bros. Planning King Kong vs. Godzilla Movie

A new King Kong vs. Godzilla movie is being planned as Kong: Skull Island movie rights are moved from Universal to Warner Bros. Major headlines are circulating around the Internet today as Deadline reports that...
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Study: Hispanic Women are Today’s Most Devoted Moviegoers

Recent study shows Hispanic women are this summer's most avid moviegoers. TheWrap recently conducted a study to determine which group of people are going to the movies the most and to the surprise of many,...
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Chronicle’s Josh Trank to Direct ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off

Chronicle's Josh Trank will direct a Stand-Alone Star Wars Movie While J. J. Abrams is working on Star Wars: Episode VII, a whole new trilogy of Star Wars films set three decades after the Empire...
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10 Things You Did Not Know About the “Godzilla” Movie

Godzilla dominated the box office this weekend with reports that this is one of the biggest movie of 2014. The Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures reboot made a whopping $93 million dollars in the United States and an additional...
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How Godzilla Dominated the Box Office

Godzilla dominated the box office this weekend with reports that this is one of the biggest movie of 2014. The Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures reboot made a whopping $93 million dollars in the United...
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A ‘Godzilla’ Sequel is Coming Soon

It's official Warner Bros. is in discussion for developing a Godzilla sequel. After making $103 Million dollars internationally in the opening weekend, it looks as Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are already in development for...
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Watch Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Starring Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana Movie Trailer

Marvel just debuted the first official trailer for 'Gaurdians of the Galaxy'. The upcoming sci-fi adventure features Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, John C. Reilly and the voice of Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon. The James...

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