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Dr. Oz Promoted Bogus Treatments? Leaked Emails Show Dr. Oz Promote Sony Products

New Wikileaks documents reveal how the Dr. Oz show operates behind the scenes. Dr. Mehmet Oz often appears on his Dr. Oz popular to promote new health products and medical devices. Most people who watch...
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Study Says Dr. Oz’s Advice is Wrong About Half the Time

A new study shows that Dr. Oz is full of crap and tends to give bad medical advice to millions of people. Do you tend to get your medical advice from Dr. Oz? Well you...
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Dr. Oz Questioned Over ‘Miracle’ Weight Loss Product

Dr. Mehmet Oz talked before the U.S. Senate subcommittee where he was questioned for saying a weight-loss product, "a miracle in a bottle." One of the products he was grilled about is Pure Green Coffee,...

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