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Psychiatrists Argue Acting Causes Depression

Does Hollywood make people go crazy? The pressures of making it in Hollywood can make it a breeding ground for psychological disorders. Talent agents have to manage their clients, movie producers have to create great films,...
Project Casting

Sandra Bullock Says ‘Gravity’ Shoot Brought on a Depression

In an recent interview with Variety Magazine, Sandra Bullock describes how she crept into a depression during the filming of 'Gravity'. She describes the impact of acting alone, in a one-man show, made the set...
Project Casting

Feeling Hopeless and Need Help? MTV’s “Don’t Give Up: There’s Always Hope” Casting Call

MTV is teaming up with the big think media company SoulPancake, and The Jed Foundation for the mental health awareness project "Don't Give Up: There's Always Hope." MTV, the people who brought you “Coming Out”...

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