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Midnight Rider: Federal Investigation Reveals Horrifying Details

Federal Investigation shows that Sarah Jones and crew members were kept in the dark regarding the train's safety. New details surrounding the death of 27-year-old camerawoman, Sarah Jones during the first day of filming on Midnight...
Project Casting

Sarah Jones Family Files Massive Lawsuit for Wrongful Death Against ‘Midnight Rider’

Singer Gregg Allman was sued Wednesday along with several movie producers, a railroad company after the tragic death of the camera assistant, Sarah Jones. The family of Sarah Jones, the camera assistant that was killed...
Project Casting

The Final Moments of Sarah Jones on Set of ‘Midnight Rider’

“It didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel safe there.” The recent passing of Sarah Jones, the 27 year old camera assistant has spread grief and anger throughout Hollywood, New York, Atlanta, and sets all across...

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