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Project Casting

Chewbacca Mom is Now Rich and Charging for Autographs

Chewbacca mom now charges $20 for a photo and autograph. People are now starting to turn their backs on Chewbacca mom, the viral sensation. The initial video was nice and made millions of people laugh,...
Project Casting

Mr. Incredible Gets in a Fight with Batgirl on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Fight Breaks out on Hollywood Walk of Fame featuring your favorite Superheroes and villains. I am pretty sure you want to know the details here and I completely understand. But, it is not clear as...
Project Casting

Return of Chewbacca? Star War: Episode VII Casting Call for Wookies

A casting call for seven-foot actors from the studios behind the new Star Wars films has fueled speculation that wookiees could be making a return to the long-running space saga. Disney, Lucasfilm and production company Bad Robot,...

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