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Project Casting

Remember When ‘Jason Bourne’ Wanted Extras to Work for Free?

Matt Damon's Bourne 5 movie didn't pay their background extras for scenes filmed in Las Vegas. Matt Damon's new movie trailer for Bourne 5 is going viral and it has people going crazy to see what Matt...
Project Casting

Fans Bash Matt Damon’s ‘Bourne 5’ After Not Paying Extras

Background actors are pissed with Matt Damon after 'Bourne 5' latest casting call. After we broke the news that Matt Damon's new movie Bourne 5 wasn't going to pay background extras to work on several scenes filming...
Project Casting

Matt Damon’s ‘Bourne 5’ Wants Extras to Work for Free

'Bourne 5' is now casting background extras in Las Vegas and casting directors are looking for you but, you may have to forgo a paycheck. Typically a background extra earns at least minimum wage to...

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