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Project Casting

BET show Let’s Stay Together Casting Call in Atlanta

The Extra BAD Group recently posted the following Casting Call for the new season of BET's Let's Stay Together. Let's Stay Together Casting Call Information Looking for PAID EXTRAS in ATL of ALL RACES that over the...
Project Casting

BET show “Let’s Stay Together” for Upcoming Commercial

Casting Directors are currently casting actors to work in the BET show "Let's Stay Together" they are preparing for a variety of roles, and they will need your help. BET show "Let's Stay Together" Casting Call Information The Extra...
Project Casting

BET’s Show “Let’s Stay Together” Casting Call for Basketball Players and More

Casting Directors are currently casting actors to work in the BET show "Let's Stay Together" they are preparing for a variety of roles, and they will need your help. BET's Show "Let's Stay Together" Casting Call...
Project Casting

BET’s show “Let’s Stay Together” Casting Call for Tomorrow

Casting directors for BET's show "Let's Stay Together" is now casting for actors. They are seeking male actors to work at Screen Gem Studios in Atlanta. For more details see the Casting Call information below. Casting Calls...
Project Casting

BET ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Season 2 Casting Call

BET Networks "Let's Stay Together" is an American romantic comedy television series created by Jacque Edmonds Cofer. It premiered on BET on January 11, 2011. The series premiere drew 4.4 million viewers. On April 20th,...
Project Casting

BET Let’s Stay Together is Casting African Americans for an Upcoming Church Scene

Casting Director's for BET's hit Television Series "Lets Stay Together" is currently seeking African American background actors for an upcoming church scene. We reported earlier on the new season of BET "Let's Stay Together". BET Networks...

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