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Tracy Morgan’s Attorney Says Morgan May Never Perform Again

Tracy Morgan's attorney says that Morgan may never be able to perform ever again. Coming hours after Walmart blamed Tracy Morgan for his injuries, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Tracy Morgan may never be...
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Walmart Blames Tracy Morgan for Tracy Morgan’s Injuries

Walmart blames Tracy Morgan's injuries on Tracy Morgan. In a weird string of events, Walmart's massive legal team says Tracy Morgan is to blame for the devastating injuries when one of their trucks hit his...
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Tracy Morgan is “Still Struggling” After the Car Crash

Tracy Morgan is still struggling to recover from the nearly fatal car crash. Tracy Morgan is struggling to recover and return to his career following the nearly fatal car crash. According to recent reports, Tracy...
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Tracy Morgan Released from Rehab Center

Tracy Morgan released from rehab center and issues statement over Wal-Mart lawsuit. Morgan's publicist released the following statement this afternoon, “Tracy has been released from the rehabilitation center and will continue his recovery efforts at home...
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Tracy Morgan Suing Wal-Mart Over Crash that Seriously Injured Him

Tracy Morgan files suit against Wal-Mart over horrific car crash. Tracy Morgan is suing Wal-Mart over the June 7 crash in which the limo bus he and others were riding in was rear-ended by a...
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Tracy Morgan Feeling Better and Transferred to Rehab Center

Tracy Morgan moved to rehab center after two weeks after crash Tracy Morgan has been transferred to an undisclosed rehab center, where he is expected to undergo treatment for the next few weeks, according to...
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Tracy Morgan’s Condition has Improved

Tracy Morgan's Condition Upgraded From Critical to Fair Tracy Morgan's condition has been upgraded from critical to fair 10 days following a highway crash that killed comedian James McNair and seriously injured several others. Tracy Morgan's...
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Here’s the Video of Tracy Morgan’s Crash That Celebs Don’t Want You to See

On Monday, TMZ posted the following video taken by a bystander seconds after a semi-truck hit a limo carrying Tracy Morgan. In the clip, you can see people standing about before comedian Ardie Fuqua is...

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