You Won’t Believe What this Extra Did on Set of ‘Ant-Man’

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You Won’t Believe What this Extra Did on Set of ‘Ant-Man’

Filming for the new Marvel movie, “Ant-Man” may have wrapped in Atlanta, Georgia but, things are still heating up in the Bay Area. According to recent reports, casting directors were forced to hire random people to play background extras in a scene filming in San Francisco. One particular background actor however, decided to give the set a “golden shower”.

According to TMZ, 100 homeless people were booked as extras during a shoot in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District and extras “hosed produced by giving Ant-Man’s van a golden shower” and “dropped a giant deuce on the storefront set”.

It is interesting to point out that the background extra was kicked off set but, he was still paid $175 for his work on the movie. That’s $111 more dollars than a background extra gets paid in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, I can understand why Marvel is moving to Peach State.


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