This Video of The Rock Playing With His Daughter Will Make You Fall in Love

Project Casting

The Rock playing with his daughter is incredibly cute.

Despite being a tough guy on screen, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson definitely has a softer side and his new Instagram post is proof.

In the video, The Rock plays games with his daughter, Jasmine, in which she bangs on his head until looks up and makes a face. He thens returns to starting position, and the whole process starts is too cute.

“Finally, my big head is used for more than just a place to hang my hat,” he wrote. “The joys of being home w/ my ohana and playin’ one of our fav games — slap daddy’s head ’til I can see his big scary face.”

The Rock went on to explain the music in the background is incredibly special. It is a Somoan song that has been singing to her since she was born. “When Jasmine learns to talk, I’m sure she’ll ask me to please stop singing,” he joked. “I must now go do something very manly and badass to counterbalance this post.”


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