‘Steve Jobs’ Cast Thinks Christian Bale Would’ve Been “Perfect”

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Michael Fassbender thinks Christian Bale would have been the perfect Steve Jobs.

Before Michael Fassbender was brought on board by director Danny Boyle to take the lead in Steve Jobs, Christian Bale was set to step into the late Steve Jobs shoes.

Fassbender himself has suggested that Bale, who quit the movie in November, would have been a great fit for the role.

“I thought to myself: Christian Bale is perfect, why isn’t he doing it?” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter while promoting the film in London. “I actually called him up and told him that myself.”

While Michael Fassbender admitted that he “doesn’t look anything like” Jobs, he doesn’t believe it’s detrimental to the movie, which has recently been given high reviews.


“I think audiences accept things when you lay them out for them,” he said. “So you see at the beginning of the film that I don’t look anything like him, so you go: ok, he doesn’t look anything like him, we can get over that now and watch the movie. Biopics can be very much about impersonation, and that kind of overtakes the story at times.”

But when it came to the movie’s final scenes, Fassbender said that he was able to take his acting to the next level by wearing Steve Jobs’ iconic turtleneck.

“I wouldn’t say that I look like him, but there was more of a similarity there,” he said. “So it kind of creeps up on the audience.”

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