How Disney is Keeping ‘Star Wars’ Premiere a Major Secret

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Disney is keeping a tight lid on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens by making the movie’s premiere completely secret until the movie’s world premiere in Los Angeles on December 14th, just four days before it hits theaters worldwide.

Typically, critics and other press are able to see a movie before it ever hits theaters but Disney and Lucasfilm made sure that no one can see an early version of the movie.

Secrecy is probably the reason why millions of people purchased tickets ahead of the movie’s premiere.

According to reports, Disney has received hundreds of requests in order to get a special invitation to the world premiere. But, apparently, if you do receive an invitation November 25th have no clue where the location of the movie premiere is going to take place.

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It’s interesting to point out that not even any of Disney’s filmmakers have seen the movie including the directors of the upcoming Star Wars spinoffs and sequels.

Meanwhile, members of Disney, Lucasfilm and Abrams’ inner circle are waiting until the premiere or opening day (Dec. 18) to see The Force Awakens. Sources say fellow franchise helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who will be directing the Han Solo spinoff) haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet, and neither has Colin Trevorrow, who will be directing Episode IX.

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