Selena Gomez is Creating a “Latina Empire” TV Series

Selena Gomez TV Show
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Selena Gomez is developing a new TV show and it’s described as the latin version of Empire. 

Studies have shown that not only are Hispanics going to the movie more often than any other ethnicity in the United States but, they are also more likely to spend more money inside the theater to buy concessions inside the theater. Now, Hollywood’s most famous Instagram celebrity is tapping into the Hispanic community and TV industry, to start her own TV show.

Spring Breakers Selena Gomez
Spring Breakers Selena Gomez

According to Deadline, a new Latina-focused show, which is currently untitled, is going to be produced by Selena Gomez for Freeform. The new show is currently described as a teen girl living in a low-income barrio who is “destined for greatness.”

While the show is currently labeled as the “Latina Empire,” it’s important to point out that Lee Daniels, the co-creator of the real Empire, is currently filming in Atlanta, Georgia the female spin-off of his hit Fox TV series, called Star. In fact, on Monday casting directors posted a casting call for Hispanic actors to audition personally in front of Lee Daniels.

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The new Star series is written and executive-produced by Lee Daniels and co-written/executive produced by Tom Donaghy, Star is set in Atlanta and centers on three girls – one White, one Black and one half White/Half Black — who are coming together to form a band and their rise to the top.

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It will center around the choices in which these aspiring artists are faced with as they work hard to achieve their dreams of stardom.

‘Star’ will also feature Queen Latifah in the lead role.

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