‘Scandal’ Casting Director Says “Workshops Are Dying” After Investigation

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Will Stewart, the casting director behind Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, reportedly says acting “workshops are dying” in Hollywood.

Following the controversial report into the “pay to play” acting classes, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office has launched an investigation into Hollywood casting workshops to determine if they violate the 2009 Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention act, which makes it illegal for casting directors to charge actors for a job opportunity. And now it seems like acting workshops are reportedly dying in Hollywood.

In April, the Casting Society of America established an investigation group to investigate expensive acting workshops that were a “pay-to-play” scheme – actors were being charged for acting classes that were not actually acting classes but, allowed the actor to audition for roles. Since then, one of the most powerful casting directors in the business, Scott David, has left the show and ended his workshop business, The Actors link.

It’s important to highlight the fact that exchanging money for the possibility of getting a job is illegal thanks to The Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act of 2009, which outlaws workshops and casting directors from charging or attempting to charge an artist for an audition or employment opportunity. Since the law was passed seven years ago, there have been no prosecutions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a prominent TV casting director Will Stewart who has worked on ‘Scandal’ recently deleted his professional Facebook page that advertised his casting workshops.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

In a post published Aug. 14 announcing the decision, he explained, “workshops are dying after the hate piece by The Hollywood Reporter,” referring to the examination of the proliferation of pay-to-play TV audition practices that THR published in late March.

In addition, the Hollywood Reporter points out that Stewart admits to making hiring decisions based on paid class experience. “I auditioned and even casted many of you from those rooms.” However, he argues that he only chose qualified candidates who have benefited from the paid acting workshops.

Stewart’s decision to end his acting workshop business comes as the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office is currently investigating the allegedly illegal business practices.



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