Red Robin May Have Exposed 5,000 People with Hepatitis A

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Red Robin Employee with Hepatitis A May Have Exposed 5,000 People.

A Red Robin employee worked at the burger chain for several months with a contagious case of Hepatitis A, and it is estimated he exposed as many as 5,000 people who visited the restaurant in Springfield, Missouri.

Red Robin has not commented where in the restaurant the infected employee worked, but they did say that the person last worked on May 16.

Red Robin advises anyone who ate there between May 8 and May 16 to call the health department for advice.

Hepatitis A can be transmitted through food and water, and symptoms include fever, dark urine, liver failure, and ultimately resulting in death.

All employees at the Springfield Red Robin have been vaccinated for the infection, and the Springfield, Greene County the health department has set up a vaccination clinic.

Red Robin said the employee will not be allowed to return without medical clearance.

Source: CNN, Photo: Google Maps