RATINGS: Donald Trump Boosts SNL Ratings to Record Highs

Donald Trump's appearance on Saturday Night Live boosts ratings to record highs.

It's no lie that Saturday Night Live is not as popular and personally, not as funny as it used to be. And NBC knows that. Which is probably why the network made a controversial decision and had Donald Trump work as the host on SNL. And it paid off. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ratings for Donald Trump's appearance on Saturday Night Live boosted ratings to a four-year-high. Donald Trump SNL Donald Trump SNL Currently, SNL has been averaging a 4.4 overnight rating. But, Donald Trump's appearance boosted ratings to a 6.6. And while full viewership numbers won't be available until later today, it will probably be the most watched episode since January 7th. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Donald Trump's appearance with protests, and even a $5,000 award for anyone that calls Donald trump a racist. But, Donald Trump's appearnace is not the most watched in history. According to the Hollywood Reporter, here are the top 5 SNL episodes in the last 5 years. 1. Jim Carrey: 7.8 overnight rating (Jan. 8, 2011)* 2. Charles Barkley: 7.4 overnight rating (Jan. 7, 2011)* 3. Jimmy Fallon: 6.3 overnight rating (Dec. 21, 2013) 4. Justin Timberlake: 5.9 overnight rating (March 9, 2013) 5. Lindsay Lohan: 5.5 overnight rating (March 3, 2012)

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