New Research Shows Size 6 Models are More “Marketable”

Project Casting

Study shows that size 6 models are more “marketable” than size 0 models.

When you think of a runway fashion model, you probably think of super skinny and tall women. But, according to a new study by Brock University, research shows that size six models will do a better job at marketing products, clothes, and accessories than size 0 models, especially to women with low self esteem.

The research by Kai-Yu Wang, a marketing professor at Brock’s Goodman School of Business, shows that fashion brands can substitute their size zero models with average sized models without impacting either the model attractiveness rating or the product evaluation.

“With the debate around the use of super-skinny models, we wanted to find out if women preferred size zero models over average sized models” says Wang. [via]

Researchers found that average sized models do not affect a company’s brand. In addition, researchers argue that new fashion brands should use average sized models in their campaigns. “This is because new brands are not associated with any particular cues,” says Wang. “Consumers tend to use accessible information (people around us) to make a judgment. Thus, they like average size models more than super-skinny models.”

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