NBC Messes Up ‘Community’ Season 5 Premiere

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NBC’s ‘Community’ Fail

What is Greenville? Like many people, the anticipation for the return of the Greendale study group cannot be contained. The popular TV series enters their fifth season tonight (January 2nd.) and NBC dropped the ball…

The network posted on the Community homepage stating that the group of characters live in “Greenville” instead of “Greendale”.

Check out NBC’s “Community” promotion on its homepage below:


Despite NBC not giving the proper promotion the series deserves, critics have high expectations for the fifth season now that the previous show runner Dan Harmon is back.

Joel McHale the star on the series The Soup, and Community commented on the new season:

“There was some really good stuff last year, but it did not have the direction that the other seasons had, I know this is going to sound really grandiose but [Harmon is] as specific as Shakespeare was with his words … there’s no excess. (TVGUIDE) “

Tune in to “Community” tonight, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.