Here’s How Much the Average Model Gets Paid

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Have you ever wondered how much a model makes? Well, we will break down the average salary for models in the entertainment industry and we promise you, you will be will be surprised.

What does a Model do?

To make a living and get paid as a model, models must work unpredictable work schedules and be ready in a moments notice to pose for a photographer or fashion line. They suffer long periods of unemployment, must attend unpaid auditions and strenuous casting sessions. In addition, models are required to travel to different locations for work.

What kind of salary does a typical model earn?

Models earn an average of $13.38 per hour, or about $27,830 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Average salaries ranged from $43,840 per year on the high end but dropped to a little more than minimum wage at $15,960 per year.

What kind of training do you need?

Qualifications to earn a living as a model are minimal and it all comes down to your genetics. If you are the right height, weight, clothing size and physical appearance than you have the chance to becoming a model. No formal education is required and most models learn their skills on the job. Some training is available at modeling schools were students can learn how to pose, walk like a model, and apply make up for modeling jobs. However, models do require a portfolio of high-quality photos.

Where can you get a job as a model?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statstics, the biggest employers of models wer ecolleges, universities, and professional schools, which offered $15.06 per year. Then high schools which paid $39,610 or $19.04 for a photo shoot. Then came Home shopping networks and mail order productions which paid $28.33  per hour.

Where should you move to get a job as a model?

California currently has the highest number of jobs for models, according to The average pay for a model in California is about $25 per hour or $52,000 per year. Followed by Ohio and then New York City.

Should you become a model?

The number of jobs are expected to increase in the next 5 years, according to the BLS. However, due to the low number of models, this growth only actually equates to only 200 new jobs. Most of the opportunities will be in print and digital media advertising.

Competition is tough, with more models competing for fewer job openings. In addition, careers for models are short because employers are always looking for younger models.

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