Macaulay Culkin’s Band ‘Pizza Underground’ Booed Off Stage, Attacked with Beer

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Macaulay Culkin’s the Pizza Underground Booed Off Stage, Pelted With Beer

Some people are just not into Macaulay Culkin‘s band the “Pizza Underground.” During their set at the Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham, the band got pelted with beer and booed off the stage.

The band only performed a remix of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” titled, “Pizza Day“. But, before walking off stage Macaulay Culkin said, “why are you throwing those, I’d rather drink them.”

When the audience didn’t stop, he stopped the show, saying “That’s the end of the show, goodnight.”

The Pizza Underground were recently announced as part of the Riot Fest lineup. Here’s footage from their Saturday performance at Dot to Dot in Bristol. People booed them in the past, but at least they were not soaked with beer.

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