LAX Shooting Stopped ‘Mad Men’ Filming Reports Crewmember

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Filming stopped for AMC’s  ‘Mad Men’ due to LAX Shooting

Mad Men did not get to the best of starts during the first day of production for their final season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a crewmember says Mad Men was filming in Los Angeles International Airport when the shooting, took place in the neighboring terminal.

First reported by Franklin Avenue, series grip Dustin Woods documented the events on his Twitter account starting at 10:19 a.m. [As of 3:45 p.m., all tweets were deleted.]

“We are filming at LAX. Gun fire. Locked down. Evacuating,” wrote Woods. “Terminal 4. Forced back inside for safety.”

Woods, who joined the series during its fifth season (according to IMDB), went on to say that it was Mad Men‘s first day back in production.

It was not clear which regular castmembers, if any, were on set filming.

Actor James Franco, Bachelor host Chris Harrison and singer Joe Jonas were also among those at the LAX airport that morning.

AMC recently announced that the final season of Mad Men will have their final season split into two in the same fashion as Breaking Bad airing seven episodes in spring 2014 and seven more in spring 2015.