Here’s What It is Really Like to Audition for Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’

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Black Mirror star Cristin Milioti says her audition for the show as just as intense as the show itself.

USS Callister is arguably one of the best episodes of Black Mirror. But when Cristin Milioti auditioned for the show it was not all peaches and cream. In fact, The Wrap reports it included a “brutal deconstruction of toxic masculinity, workplace sexual harassment and cyber-bullying.” The audition was so strange, she had no idea what she was playing.

“I was sent like a couple pages of the script and I auditioned for them,” Milioti, who plays Nanette in the “Star Trek” homage episode of the Netflix anthology series, told TheWrap. “And I’d seen one episode of the show and loved it. I watched the episode right before I went in and I found out a couple days later I got the part. I never met anyone.”

Spoiler Warning

Callister is a spaceship in a virtual reality game based on the Star Trek TV series but called Space Fleet. The show’s crew are actually cloned consciousnesses of several co-workers being held captive by the company’s Chief Technical Officer and co-founder Robert Daly, played by Jesse Plemons, who serves as their “Captain.”

“I didn’t even know what my role was. They gave me two scenes. I remember saying, ‘Well, I can’t even — I don’t even know what I’m doing!”‘ Milioti said, laughing. “But I could tell from reading it the writing was so good. But I had no idea. I couldn’t tell what any of it meant or who I was playing at all. I just knew I loved what I read. So then, when I actually read the script, I was so blown away.”

While the audition process may have been intense, it paid off when  Milioti was handed the role of a lifetime. She does an amazing job and her line in the show has gone viral. In one season she realizes that Daly has eliminated the characters’ genitalia inside the game and says “Stealing my p—y is a red f—ing line!”

“I had such an incredible time on this job,” Milioti said. “This is not just saying this. It was a dream job and it was a dream all around. I think it was incredible to be able to show a story like this. I’m kind of getting overexcited thinking about everyone seeing it.”

“Black Mirror” Season 4 is available for streaming on Netflix as of Dec. 29.


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