Hackers, ‘Lizard Squad’ Take XBOX & Playstation Offline

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Hackers Take XBOX & Playstation Offline.

Just moments after Xbox Live was not longer connected to the online network, on Wednesday, Playstation’s Network went down too! The Hackers known as Lizard Squad are taking credit for taking down both networks.

Since Wednesday, the hackers have posted several messages on Twitter regarding how they accomplished taking down both networks. The hackers flooded Microsoft and Sony’s servers with heavy traffic in order to take both networks down.

As of Thursday, Lizard Squad’s twitter following has increased. The hackers are requesting followers to favorite and retweet their tweets if players want them to Xbox and Playstation services back online.

Another hacker group known as The Finest Squad exposed the identity of a few members of the Lizard Squad group. The Finest Squad also released how Lizard Squad was able to take down both gaming networks by denial of service attacks.

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