This Google Doc Reveals How Much People Are Getting Paid in Hollywood

Project Casting

A public Google doc has gone viral in the TV industry.

The document is calling for writers, executives and assistants to anonymously post their salary, gender, and race in an apparent attempt for transparency in pay disparities. The document was reported by The Hollywood Reporter and features employees from  Disney, Sony, Paramount, CBS, NBC, and more have added to the doc and have included disparaging insights like being paid illegally and the lack of healthcare benefits at some companies.

The spreadsheets are filled with details. For example, a female co-producer who is a person of color working on an hourlong Warner Bros. TV production for the CW makes $15,000 an episode, for a 23-episode order. Another example features, a female story editor who is not a person of color working on an hourlong Fox production for A&E Network makes $5,900 a week.

The actor’s salary list has had fewer entries. Most of the entries on the writer’s list appeared to come from women but the “M” column is slowly filling up with entries.

The anonymous, crowd-sourced effort has major limitations because no one knows if it is accurate or a propaganda campaign. That said, the document is a derivative from the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements focused on combatting sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Check out the live link here.


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