Facebook to Launch Satellites to Make Sure Everyone Has Internet Access

Project Casting

Facebook is expanding and plans to go to space.

Facebook plans to launch drones and satellites to reach the next six billion people to join Facebook.

Yes, Facebook is planning on getting into the aerospace field. More specifically, Facebook wants to launch a bunch of drones and satellites to bring Facebook to the needy people of the world, according to Reuters:

Facebook envisions a fleet of solar-powered drones as well as low-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites delivering Internet access to different regions of the world. Invisible, infrared laser beams could allow Facebook to dramatically boost the speed of the Internet connections provided by the various aircraft, Facebook said on a Web page that explaining the project.

Also, Facebook plans on giving away few million HTC Firsts. Google is also planning on helping those not currently connected to the internet with Google blimps. The blimps will provide free Wi-Fi to those that are currently unable to access the internet.

Although information access would be really help to many in the Third World, it seems as though it may not be as helpful as providing food to those that are starving.

But, with more Internet access it would allow a larger amount of people more opportunities to gain more exposure for their talents and dreams.

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