‘American Horror Story’ Fans Bash Lady Gaga’s Acting

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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ bad? Ratings drop and fans bash Lady Gaga’s acting.

Not too many people are impress3ed with American Horror Story this season. After parents called for a boycott, the latest controversy centers around Lady Gaga.

Apparently, fans of the TV series say Lady Gaga’s acting is horrible. Since this season’s debut, Lady Gaga has been humiliated, laughed at and criticized for her acting skills.

American Horror Story
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IGN describes how many people feel about Lady Gaga’s acting in American Horror Story:

“Gaga’s portrayal of the Countess hasn’t exactly been a boon for this season. Headlines were written when she was cast, and she certainly holds name value, but the macabre majesty of that character tends to vanish whenever she opens her mouth.”

Some people took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.


Which may explain the drop in ratings. According to reports, ratings or American Horror Story: Hotel, have been dismal, with number of viewers dropping every episode. According to Nielsen cable data, the latest “Hotel” installment drew a 1.41 adults 18-49 rating and 2.637 million total live+same-day viewers. The previous broadcast posted a 1.40 adults 18-49 rating with 2.637 million.

But, critics are bashing the show and according to a story by Paste Magazine, bad writing may explain why people have turned their back on American Horror Story.

“That’s a problem American Horror Story has as well. By the end of ‘Chutes and Ladders,’ we already see that we have a story that takes place over almost a century, filled with dozens of characters—most of whom will end up being superfluous, likely—and surely more to come, as the series decides it needs more deus ex machinas.”

Ultimately, the article goes on to point out that American Horror Story relies on creating multiple storylines and seeing what people enjoy watching.

But, the writers over at Grantland argue that American Horror Story does not make sense. “The beginning of Hotel is full of images and lines that, described plainly, sound like they should be interesting, or at least crazy enough to watch, but instead they simply frustrate the viewer.”