Actresses Reveal their Most Challenging and Traumatic Moments

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Actresses reveal their most traumatic and challenging moments and it is inspiring

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, several actresses sat down and discussed what their  most traumatic or challenging acting moment in the most recent season of their series.

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Angela Bassett discussed working with snakes on American Horror Story: Coven. “Mind you, my character is supposed to be totally comfortable around these things and in charge of the moment, but I was introduced to them just before we shot the scene. My stomach was jumping around even though there was a snake wrangler on set, because these guys are so unpredictable,” she said. “I really earned my money that day.”

The scene was shot as part of a flashback sequence on-location. We had to do it in a single day, so I prepped hard. We don’t have trailers when we’re on location, but I found a quiet corner where I could have a safe little space. I fasted all day so that I would feel pure, clean, empty. I felt a great responsibility to that scene, and I tried to live the beautifully crafted story with honesty and with a grace of non-judgment. It meant a lot to me to be able to portray that story because I feel like it is a staggeringly familiar situation to far more women than we would like to think. I wanted them to be able to see themselves not as victims, but as survivors.

There are a ton of insightful interviews in the Hollywood Reporter article. It gives you a unique perspective as to how these famous actors get into character and create scenes that we enjoy, and never forget.

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