2013 Mens Fashion and Style Tips To Look Good in the New Year

Project Casting

Fashion is key in any setting. Whether you are walking into a business meeting with your multimillion dollar clients, to performing an audition. How you present yourself to others is going to have an affect on how other respond to you. This is no different in the entertainment industry. Many of us here at Project Casting can recall working as a background actor and having one person selected out of the crowd for a speaking line. Not because they had more talent, more skills, or more connections. But because, they had a fashionable style that the director loved.

So check out our list of 2013 Men Fashion Trends and Style Tips to take your acting career to the next level.

Navy Blue

Navy blue was a major color for dozens of fashion designers in 2012 and blue is still very popular. However, colors that would be perfect for this new year would be a change from the dark Navy blue to a brighter and yet “playful” tones. This will definitely seperate yourself from your competition.


Many fashion designers have mentioned an emphasis on a change from wearing plaid to mixing and matching two different patterns. By mixing two different patterns it will create a contrast to your look. So, next time try mixing a micro-plaid dress shirt with a striped tie of similar colors to create a fun, and exciting business casual look for any setting!

Winter Jackets

Looking for a coat? How about a jacket with a fur-lined hood Fur-lined hoods make a bold statement and will keep you warm without those weird looking ear muffs. Besides, mens fashion is all about comfort and style together. It would be horrible to work on set in the cold and light jacket. Switch it up, you will love the difference! If you saw ‘Expenables 2’ everyone will note how much swag Sylvester Stallone had dressed as a mercenary. So why not borrow some of his rough style? It is hard to beat the manliness of military clothing. So find a nice military coat (stray away from camouflage) and mix it up with a pair of boots and hey, you might be able to land that role in ‘Expendables 3’!

Watch your Watch!

This is not exclusive to 2013, but just a good style practice to keep up with. Change your watch’s wristband. Last summer, many fashion designers created large playful colors that will allow you to change your wristband to match your outfit accordingly. So, now that 2013 is here continue with the trend with multiple wristbands for your favorite watch.


Dress shoes are not as popular in 2013, as they were in 2012. What many fashion designers are bragging about and boasting for are boots. Now don’t go through your grandparents closet looking for an old pair of cowboy boots. What fashionistas are commenting on are long, leather boats with a dark black or brown tone. Try to find something that compliments well with your wardrobe. This will add a layer of versatility and complexity to your style, and any outfit. Also, it won’t leave your feet wet in the rain.

Suit Up

Probably one of the most important and crucial outfits for any aspiring actor. Many casting directors, photographers, and agents want to see how you look in professional attire. So, this year 2013 invest in a proper suit that illustrates the style you have in a conservative fashion. When it comes to suits, a three-button suit is very cliche, and almost out of fashion. Look for a two-button jacket. This will make you look more slimming and taller. Also, it is worth noting that pocket squares are soaring in popularity. Not only can a pocket sqaure add colour or texture to an outfit. It will also draw attention away from the stomach to make you look slimmer!