10 Basic and Essential Health Tips for Aspiring Talents

10 Basic and Essential Health

Within the entertainment industry there are a few things that matter. First and foremost, is your acting talent. How well can you present yourself and your character across the screen. Second, would be your connections. Most people would argue that you could be the best actor in the world, but if you are not connected with high profile agents, directors, or actors, your talent maybe never heard. Finally, many would say that your health is essential. If you are called to an audition it would be horrible to be under the weather, or too sick to even portray your character's role. Therefore, it is important that you take simple health steps to promoting not only your career in the entertainment industry but for yourself as well.
Here is our 10 Essential Health Tips (The Basics to Practice Every Day to take your Career to the Next LEVEL!)

1. Move More
Make it a daily challenge to find different ways to move your body. For example, if you had the choice of taking the stairs or the elevator. It would be in your best interest to take the stairs. Or try other challenges as walking your dog, chasing your kids, playing sports with friends, or even mowing the lawn. These simple changes can be dramatic to your health. Anything that moves your body is not only a fitness tool, but it helps relieve Stress!
2. Cut Fat
Avoid obvious unhealthy food choices such as fried foods, burgers or other fatty meats such as pork, bacon, ham and ribs. Dairy products such as cheese and milk should be consumed only in low fat versions. While nuts and sandwich meets should be eaten in small amounts. Substitute high calorie versions of food, for the lower fat, and substitute food products. Your body will thank you later!
3. Quit Smoking
Ever since 1960 when the Surgeon General announced that smoking was harmful to your health. Americans have been reducing the use of tobacco products. It would not be in your best interest to develop a cold, or cough while you audition for the role of a lifetime. Yes, many will argue that stopping smoking is difficult, if not impossible. But, just give up one cigarette at a time and you will reach your goal in no time.
4. Reduce Stress
Many misunderstand the dangers of stress. High levels of stress have been known to cause your immune system to become weaker, therefore, you are more likely to get sick. Also, stress causes your body to store fat more easily than a stress free lifestyle. So, when something is beginning to bother you. Take the iniative and turn that bad stress into something good. Your health and career is depending upon it.
5. Protect Yourself from Pollutants
This may be directed to those living in high smog areas. Avoid going to smoke-filled rooms, high traffic areas, or breathing in highway fumes. This may increase the likelihood of developing wrinkles, cancer, or other detriments to your health. So, exercise outside when the smog rating is low and exercise indoors in air conditioning when air quality is good.
6. Wear Your Seat Belt
So many accidents can turn for bad to worse, if an individual fails to wear a seatbelt. So, take those few seconds to save your life. You will appreciate it in the long run.
7. Floss Your Teeth
Recent studies have shown that there is a correlation, or a connection between how long you live and how much you floss your teeth. No one has been able to determine why, but flossing helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental related problems. A few minutes a day can go a long way to making your smile beautiful. Hey, you want to be remebered for your beautiful smile, not for what was stuck between your teeth.
8. Avoid Excessive Drinking
Recent studies have shown a glass of wine or drink a day is actually able to protect your body from heat disease, but, excessive drinking can cause weight gain, kidney and liver disease. Remember, a large bottle of wine should last a long time.
9. Stay Positive!
You may not get your first audition, second, third, or even fourth. But, you must not ever let that discourage you. Keep a positive outlook and this will not only help you achieve your goals but, help make advances in your health. There is a definitive connection between living well and having a cheerful outlook on life.
10. Drink Milk
Milk has shown to improve bone density. Something extremely important for many women who are and will one day experience osteoporosis. So, have a glass of non-fat milk a day and this will go a long way!
Overall, these 10 health tips are basic but, many would argue necessary for yourself, and taking your career to the new level. So, in the future, feel confident at your next audition because you have made the right steps for your career and for yourself.
Break a leg! We know you can do it!

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