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Amy Adams Reveals the “Abuse” on Set of ‘American Hustle’

Amy Adams reveals how David O. Russell made her cry on set of American Hustle. Following the Sony Hack, leaked emails showed that the movie's director, David O. Russell, constantly "abused" Amy Adams. The harassment allegedly was...
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Tina Fey Begged to Get an ‘Into The Woods’ Audition

Tina Fey tried to get an audition for Into The Woods and it didn't go well. Tina Fey recently revealed the details of her embarrassing Into The Woods audition while talking to her friend Damian Holbrook as part of the...
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Fans Bash Jennifer Lawrence for Criticizing Donald Trump

While #StarbucksBoycott is going viral and some of the biggest CEOs in the world are discussing Donald Trump's immigration executive order, one actress is getting dragged through the mud for criticizing Donald Trump. Jennifer Lawrence...
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9 Actors Reveal Their Most Embarassing Sex Scene Stories

Here are the most awkwardly embarrassing sex scene stories from Hollywood biggest actors. Sex scenes are uncomfortable for nearly everyone one. Recently, Jennifer Lawrence came out and said that during her first sex scene, which...
Will Smith

Will Smith is the New Owner of the 76ers

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are now the new majority owners of the Philadelphia 76ers. Will Smith is going back to his roots. The Academy-Award nominated actor along with his wife, Jada, have become...
Donald Trump

Someone Vandalized Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star…AGAIN

Donald Trump Hollywood walk of fame star was vandalized last October. However, it seems as though someone has tampered with it again. According to reports, the star was vandalized with a magic marker over the...

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