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Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s New Short Film Connects ‘Do The Right Thing’ with George Floyd

Spike Lee releases a new short film about police brutality after the death of George Floyd  As protests spread across America following the death of George Floyd and police brutality, many people have made references...
Jimmy Fallonvideo

Jimmy Fallon Gives Emotional Apology After Blackface Controversy (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon delivers an emotional apology after the blackface controversy. A ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch from 2000 featuring Jimmy Fallon wearing blackface makeup and impersonating Chris Rock recently went viral, sparking outrage. Despite being advised...
Black Background

Why Celebs are Posting Black Squares on Instagram Today

Here's why people are sharing black squares on social media today. Your social media timeline may have changed. On Tuesday, instead of selfies and memes, you may notice people posting a black square with the...

Hollywood Filmmaking May Go Virtual After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Virtual filmmaking may become the new normal after the Coronavirus pandemic. Over a hundred TV shows and movies have shut down production due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 related shutdown. Now, as the world begins their...

Hollywood is Reportedly Looking to Cut Film Crew Jobs Except for Medics

There is a discussion on how to lower the number of crew workers on set as Hollywood works with unions to safely resume TV and film production. According to a new Deadline report, while many...
Georgia Capital

Will Georgia Get Rid of Film Tax Credits?

Georgia’s film tax credit reportedly came up for discussion during a legislative hearing on making budget cuts once the 2020 Georgia General Assembly resumes their session next month. Pat Wilson, the commissioner of the Georgia...

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