USC Graduate Thesis Film Casting Call for Three Speaking Roles

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GOODBYE, YOU is a USC Graduate Thesis Film. It’s a 15-minute road movie comedy between an American girl and two French boys — it’s Y Tu Mamá También meets Jules et Jim — a Californian journey with, let’s say, a European edge to it.

We’re looking for two young male French actors between the age of 18-20, with or without any previous experience.

It’s Guillaume’s birthday. His girlfriend Melody organized a road trip with their mutual friend, Antoine. LA- San Francisco. Upon departure, Melody confides in Antoine her intention to break up with Guillaume. They hit the road and Antoine finds himself wishing for his friends’ breakup. He has an ulterior motive… An American girl and two French boys without a license; a free spirit, her robust lover and her hypochondriac confident. In the intimacy of a tiny car, Antoine, Guillaume and Melody play musical chairs. They will eventually realize they might be better o? apart than together. And what they thought were a lot of drama isn’t in fact very much at all.

GOODBYE, YOU is a road trip comedy, bubbling with youth and energy; a French-American love triangle à la Jules et Jim. It’s a story about being 20, learning how to live with others — and, sometimes, how one needs to be alone to figure out who he truly is

ANTOINE (French, 20)
***IMPORTANT: the part requires a native French speaker***

Antoine is at two with Nature.

Antoine is the anti-hero. The one who trips over the carpet when he walks too  fast;  who walks into branches in the forest. The one  nobody wants on their team. Antoine would never want to belong to any club that would  accept someone like him for a member. He claims he’s not a hypochondriac — he just panics very easily. Antoine is always stricken with some psycho- somatic illness. But it’s true that he has a lot on his plate. Antoine has a universal dilemma : he is best friends with the girl he likes. Antoine is the third wheel, stuck in the backseat, forced  to watch  Melody  flirt  with  her  boyfriend Guillaume

— a Frenchman like him, but otherwise better in every way. A daily torture.

Anxious, neurotic, glasses-wearing — and  we love him for it. Antoine’s curse is his charm. His character touches us because he is flawed and human.


GUILLAUME (French, 20)
***IMPORTANT: the part requires a native French speaker***


Guillaume is a self-made man.


Guillaume is the kind of guy who know how to whistle and snap his fingers. When  Guillaume tells a joke, everyone laughs. Guillaume is popular. He’s never struck out with a girl. Guillaume is strong, healthy and athletic. People want him on their teams — how not to like him? Guillaume’s irresistible smile will win your heart. He’s an eternal optimist, always in a good mood. He’s even a morning person. Guillaume is so perfect, it’s honestly annoying — but who is this guy, really? Guillaume is a worker. From a blue collar family, he’s had his hands dirty since birth. Blood, sweat and tears. He’s worked to get where he is. Guillaume has values. He is grateful for what he has and respects what he owns. Guillaume doesn’t throw things away, he fixes them. Life is not a disposable Kleenex. Guillaume enjoys every little moment and takes nothing for granted.


Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend Melody is the complete opposite.

MELODY (American, 20)

Melody is a wild child.

Fresh, spontaneous, carefree, Melody is a free radical. Her impulsivity will make you melt. Boys orbit around her. Like chickens rotating at the rotisserie. They can try all they want. Melody is untamable. She is the daughter of Instagram. Everything right here, right now. Then throw it away. Why fix it? Just buy it again. Melody has a problem. Her family has too much money. Melody got every iPhone and iPad she ever wanted. She wants to put an end to it. Melody is going to start a small revolution. Make her own money, her own decisions. Prove herself… It’s an ant up against a huge rock. At the end of the month, her parents still pay for her rent. And school tuition. And car insurance. Though Melody is trying, old habits die hard. Like abandoning her car in the middle of nowhere. But right now, she has a stronger obstacle. She needs the courage to break up with Guillaume. He who would seduce her so easily — what a drag he has become, constantly patronizing her with his moral lessons. Thank God she has Antoine to support her, always available when she needs him.


Guillaume, the future dumpee; Antoine, the ego boost.


Indeed, old habits die hard.


Casting by Hannah Lee
[email protected]

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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