“Unavailable” Play Casting Call for Several Roles in Augusta, Georgia

Project Casting

Casting Call for a new production in Augusta, Georgia

(Production submitted by Raisin A.J Productions)

Whitney, Jasmine and Angela have always fallen for the wrong kinds of men. All from fatherless homes, they can’t tell the good men from the bad ones; the honest from the liars; the available from the unavailable. Now, the three of them find themselves heartbroken at the same time, with no one to pick up the pieces but themselves.

Whitney’s first love Jeff has promised her the world but didn’t tell her she had to share it with his wife, now she finds it hard to let go of another woman’s husband. Jasmine is devastated when she learns that her son’s father has moved on with someone else so she decides to use their son as bait to get him back. Those vindictive ways throw her into the arms of many men who don’t seem to satisfy her needs. And Angela is in a hidden comatose state after her husband decides he no longer wants to be with her but doesn’t want a divorce and has left her to figure out why. When you find out why he doesn’t want her will shock you but what will shock you even more is what she plansas an attempt at getting revenge.

All three women must overcome the love they once shared with the now “Unavailable” men that’s left them hopeless but hopefully better off.

As the mysteries of the men unfold, each woman must come to terms with their loss in different ways. Revenge. Despair. Rebirth.  New  love.  This heartfelt comedic stage play has it all. Make sure you don’t miss the new play that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.

What would you do if you found out he was Unavailable?

Written, Directed and Produced by Playwright/Radio Personality “Miss Monique La’Shon”, “Unavailable” will premiere Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at the Historic Imperial Theatre. 

Auditions begin Every Saturday for UNAVAILABLE Re-invented!!! Which premier’s Saturday May 31st at the Imperial Theatre!!!! Get in for an audition by emailing Lisa at [email protected] & she will give you the info!!!

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