MTV True Life “I’m a Gay Athlete” Casting Call

Project Casting

MTV is currently seeking gay athletes for the documentary series True Life.

Casting directors are currently casting for MTV’s True Life.

Check out the list of questions to see if this opportunity is perfect for you:

  • Is being gay affecting your game? Is your love for sports interfering with the love of your life?
  • Is your desire to be the MVP keeping you from coming out to your coaches and teammates for fear of losing their acceptance?
  • Are you worried that embracing who you are will keep you from getting an award or scholarship?
  • Is your boyfriend or girlfriend tired of keeping your relationship a secret to keep you team captain?
  • Maybe you’re open about your sexuality but still feel discriminated on the court.
  • Is being a gay athlete keeping you on the bench?
  • Are you putting aside your feelings “for the good of the team?” 

Still interested? See the Casting Call information below:

MTV True Life “I’m a Gay Athlete” Casting Call Information

If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 24 and want to share the struggles and triumphs of being an athlete within the LGBT community, email us at [email protected] to be considered for an episode of MTV’s True Life produced by Emmy-award winning Gigantic! Productions.

Tell us why we should draft you and be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a recent picture of yourself.


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