Blackberry and Robert Rodriguez ‘Project Green Screen’

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Robert Rodriguez ‘Project Green Screen’

In his 10 Minute Film School, Robert Rodriguez tells students to stop dreaming and start doing. It’s something he knows a bit about.
He made his first movie aged 9. At 23, his $7,000 Sundance smash hit, El Mariachi, made him a legend of no-budget filmmaking. Since then, he’s gone from action flicks to grindhouse horror to family cinema, and mastered so many disciplines, he’s known as ‘the one-man film crew’.

Like all truly creative people, he’s always hungry for the next challenge and he never stops learning.

He’s reached out to fans before with the VISIONary Young Directors Contest and Grindhouse 101. Now he’s asking you to step up and help him tell a new kind of story.


Robert Rodriguez never stops. Director, writer, producer, editor, composer, he’s known as much for his hands-on creative approach as for hit movies like Sin City, Desperado and From Dusk till Dawn.

His latest boundary-pushing project enlists fans around the world, to help create an action-packed short film. The story so far? Two vigilante twin sisters on a secret mission.

Robert needs actors, writers and artists to complete each of the three acts. Watch his intro film:

Upload your performance for Act 1

First, we need an actor. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trained thespian or a total newcomer. (Most of El Mariachi’s cast had never acted before.)

Watch Robert’s brief below, read the script, learn your lines and shoot your scene. The winning video will be edited into the final cut of the film, so make sure you consider what you’re wearing and where you are, as well as the quality of your video and audio. Add your performance by 5pm GMT on Wednesday 3rd April and with a bit of movie magic Robert’s favourite will be dropped straight into the final film.

Or for a quick way to get your face in the film, go to Extras Wanted.