$10,000 Commercial Casting Call

Casting directors are now casting for an upcoming commercial in New York City and in Los Angeles. Auditions for this upcoming project are 12/18 & 12/19/12 & 12/20 (Los Angeles) and TODAY 12/18 (New York). Auditions in the Miami, Florida area are still pending depending upon various circumstances.

The commercial will shoot January 26, 27, 28 and 29th with travel included to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Casting Call and Audition Information

This opportunity is provided by a talent agency, if you are interested, or have a question contact [email protected]



MAIN MAN Caucasian male. 50ish. A self-made hard- working everyman. His facial expressions reflect his Success & confidence. Sensitive & often nostalgic. YOUNG LADY Caucasian or bi-racial ( blk/white, latin/blk,latin/wht) female. mid 20’s. She has a graceful, soft, kind face. She appears to be a classical dancer but instead she performs street, hip-hop dance moves in a completely liberated way. COOL KID Young African-American male. Mid 20’s; Athletic but also like to party & have fun. His movements are energetic & full of corporal expression. MUSTACHED CYCLIST Caucasian male. 40ish. Curious and mischievous. Can ride a bike. His dance movements are very liberated with large abstract movements. TATTOED MAN Caucasian. Mid 30’s. Must have tattoos on back as well. Tattoos. He has a dark, hard face. He likes that he frightens others with his appearance. He begins spinning like a top doing revealing even more tattoos on his back. MOTHER Caucasian female. Mid 30’s. Takes care of her child who demands most of her tome. Not comfortable with her appearance/reflection after having a child, although still attractive, she sways with chasse ( sways from sides to side) dance steps. SALESWOMAN Caucasian or Asian female. Late 30’s-40’s. She’s has worked in this shop for 4 years. She begins moving her head while stamping her foot to the beat, carried along by the energy of the dancers in front of her. GRANDMOTHER Caucasian. Late 70’s-80. She’s been able to remain coquettish and has never let herself go over the years. She is a prisoner of a face that has become hard with the years but hides great sympathy. Her movements are fluid but she still has the “groove” running through her veins. WINDOW WASHER Caucasian male. 35-40 yrs.old. He wears blue or grey overalls, which doesn’t improve his physical appearance and budding potbelly. He’s not afraid of dizziness, which gives us the possibility of making him perform incredible acrobatics from his basket. He moves his squeegee with small movements of his hand, then little chasse? (sways side-side) dance steps, and finally launches himself into a completely mad dance.

Audition dates in LA are: 12/18 & 12/19/12 & 12/20 Audition Dates in NYC are: TODAY 12/18 Miami auditions still pending - getting the talent file ready Shoots: January 26,27,28 & 29, 2013 FEES: $592.20/10 hour day; Rehearsal fee: $592.20/10 hour day plus Travel, Accommodation & per diem (Business & 4 star hotel) Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina PRODUCTION NOTES TV ($592.20 X 2) = $1,184.40 21 / 21 months France, Belgium, Switzerland TV ($592.20 X 3) = $1,776.60 21 / 21 months UK TV ($592.20 X 1) = $592.20 / 21 months 1 floating country (certainly Japan) INTERNET ($592 X 3.5) = $2,072.70 21 / 21 months Worldwide (only streaming) PUBLIC EVENT ($592.20X1.6) = $947.52 / 21 months Indoor / Outdoor - int use (client/agency) for worldwide Shoot days, rehearsal days, travel days paid at 592.20 for 10 hours business class travel, 4 star accommodations, per diem.

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