[WATCH] Casting Directors Reveal How to Get Noticed as an Extra

Casting directors share acting tips on how background extras can become speaking actors.

What are your chances of getting upgraded to a speaking role as a background extra?

A lot of actors have gotten their start as a background extra. In fact, Megan Fox was discovered working as a background actor on the movie Bad Boys 2. She would later land a leading role on Transformers launching our acting career. In addition, Brad Pitt moved to Los Angeles and started working as a background actor and over time landed some of the biggest roles in Hollywood's biggest movies. vipflash / vipflash / But, there is a rumor that background extra work will ruin your acting career and you will never land a major speaking role in a movie or TV show. Well, casting associate and background casting director Michelle Kelly, CSA, talks with Erica Arvold, CSA, about background actors and the chances of getting upgraded on set. Moreover, if you accept a background role, does that reduce your chance of getting a speaking role? Is there anything you can do as a background actor to be noticed? Check out the video below: If you have any questions about becoming an actor you can even e-mail Arvold Casting. Send your questions to: [email protected].  

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