Looking for a Job? ESPN is Now Hiring Aspiring Filmmakers

The TFI/ESPN Future Filmmaker Prize is looking for aspiring filmmakers! Are YOU up for the challenge.

Are you making a sports short film any time soon? If so, then I have great news for you because the TFI/ESPN Future Filmmaker Prize awards grad students making movies about sports. The TFI/ESPN Future Filmmaker Prize will provide aspiring filmmakers with a generous grant to those making “short-form documentaries highlighting the exceptionally creative work of an athletic community or organization that is working towards solving social issues in the United States or globally.” While the directions are very specific, this is a great chance to get paid to show off your filmmaking skills. Submissions are open until August 16, and you can review the primary regulations below.
  • Applicants must be over 18 years old and registered students pursuing a graduate level degree in media arts from one of schools listed on the prize site. (These are schools that TFI has deemed as having “exemplary MFA and MA programs in journalism, documentary film, anthropology and communications.”)
  • Submissions must be short-form documentaries with an intended length of 10-40 minutes. Feature length films or films with an intended length of over 40 minutes are not eligible.
  • Submissions can be in either the advanced stages of development or already production, but must not have been distributed or exhibited in any way (including television, public screenings, theatrical or online).
  • Foreign language documentaries are eligible, but must be subtitled and suitable for an American audience.
Submit here, and you can contact the Tribeca Film Institute directly with more questions. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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