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Steven Spielberg’s Dream of Directing James Bond Realized in Indiana Jones Series


Renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg had long coveted the opportunity to direct a James Bond movie, but, to his disappointment, faced rejection from the franchise's producer, Cubby Broccoli.

Key Takeaways:
– Acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg was rejected twice by James Bond producer Cubby Broccoli upon approaching to direct a 007 .
– Spielberg's long-time friend, George Lucas, offered him to direct the Indiana Jones series, an opportunity which came as a consolation prize.
– Spielberg channeled his love for James Bond in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Harrison Ford's character was seen wearing an outfit identical to 007's in Goldfinger.
– Steven Spielberg finally managed to get a taste of Bond world by Sean Connery in The Last Crusade.

The Bond Era that Never Was

In , Spielberg's reputation was on a meteoric rise after the grand success of Jaws (1975). Following his newfound acclaim, Spielberg yearned for a shot at Britain's most eminent spy, approaching James Bond producer Broccoli. Despite his earnest pleas, Spielberg was rejected not once, but twice.

Spielberg, in a 2016 interview with The Independent, disclosed this daring pursuit of his dream to direct a 007 . Ironically asserting that the Bond franchise could no longer afford him, Spielberg's revelation left fans bemused.

Transplanting Bond Dream into Indiana Jones

While the rejections would have undoubtedly stung Spielberg, an unexpected savior came in the form of George Lucas, an old friend and esteemed filmmaker. Upon learning about Spielberg's disappointment, Lucas provided a solace, offering Spielberg to direct another adventure film series: Indiana Jones.

The Indiana Jones series gave Spielberg the to creatively accentuate his affinity for Bond . The second installment, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, strutted its Bond influence prominently. into the , Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones donned a white tuxedo with a black tie and red flower lapel – a sartorial nod to Sean Connery's James Bond look in Goldfinger.

Indiana Jones Finds Success

Despite the initial movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, appearing paltry when compared to the contemporary Bond sequel For Your Eyes Only, the Indiana Jones series soon found its footing. Lucas and Spielberg's combined genius breathed life into the films, and they carved a unique niche in Hollywood's adventure genre, bringing in a worldwide fanbase.

Realizing Bond

Despite Indiana Jones' success, Spielberg's affection for James Bond remained unwavering. In a further homage to the Bond franchise, Spielberg finally managed to infuse a piece of the Bond world into his films. He achieved this by casting none other than former Bond superstar, Sean Connery, to play Henry Jones Sr. in The Last Crusade. Finally, Spielberg's association with Bond, albeit tangential, came full circle.

As a form of silent rebellion against the Bond producer's decisions, Spielberg cleverly wove 007 elements into Indiana Jones, effectively crafting his version of a Bond saga. This creative maneuver certainly adds another layer to Spielberg's heralded legacy, beautifully demonstrating how passion and ambition can yield fascinating results, even in the face of adversity.

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