How to Overcome Stage Fright

How to overcome stage fright as an actor, model, or talent.

Stage fright is real and can ruin a scene if you are an actor. I have seen this several times and it can really hurt an actor's acting career forever. So, how do actors deal with stage fright? On Reddit, actors shared their best tips on how to overcome stage fright and deal with the pressure of acting in front of the camera and on stage. Here are the best tips

Use your fear

A bit of fear means you understand there are consequences. That's good. That's your incentive to do well. The more you prepare the better you'll feel. Experience will ease the symptoms of stage fright as well. My leg still shakes sometimes right before and I've just accepted that as my quirk of preparation. Thankfully, your fear isn't as noticeable to the audience as it is to you. - c0mBaTkArL

Trick yourself

You have to trick yourself into believing you're the best thing on earth. This comes with just repeating it to yourself in the mirror until you have convinced yourself. Even if you flub a line. It doesn't matter. YOU are the Pantheon's gift to acting. You didn't flub a line, you did it your own way! Also: Start meditating, get yourself out of your own head. The amount of times I messed up a line or forgot a part of the song and the audience barely noticed is staggering. I thought I'd completely fucked up and yet I only got praise. - vagabondhermit

Go see a doctor

Learn mindfulness/meditation and centering your breath. Realize that your fears are irrational (you are not being chased by a lion, but your fight/flight responds in a similar way). Keep doing it because what becomes familiar does not fear you as much. Try, and fail, and realize you're ok ;) *optional: talk to your doctor about beta-blockers. If your performance anxiety is crippling, these can help you regain some control as you work through your fears through other means. Edit: Also avoid stimulants like caffeine... It will just make it worse. I went through this and my performance anxiety is MUCH better, though still rears its ugly head at times. -actingnerdy Related: Have an acting tip? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.