Nancy Hayes Acting Studio - Classes and Workshops

NANCY HAYES ACTING STUDIO - CLASSES & WORKSHOPS Improve Your Craft Top-rated San Francisco Casting Director, Nancy Hayes, is now offering a series of actor training classes through the Nancy Hayes Acting Studio. If you are a professional actor or just beginning to explore the field, you will find a class that meets your needs and will allow you to learn about acting and audition techniques or further hone your acting achievements. The Nancy Hayes Acting Studio is designed for all levels of actors and will include a variety of classes aimed not only at technique, but also for the actor to gain a greater understanding of the entertainment and film industry as a business. It is essential for the actor to continue to further their training and technique, however combined with the knowledge-base and history of the industry – whether it is learning what happens on the other side of the camera or how to best promote oneself – one can better understand how to best succeed within the industry. If you have any questions about which class is most appropriate for you, please email: [email protected]