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‘Jaws’ Production Nightmares: Spielberg Feared Being Replaced on Set


Key Takeaways:

– The famed director, Steven Spielberg, had a harrowing time filming , where the production was plagued with numerous issues.
– Despite successfully creating a modern summer , Spielberg expressed doubts of being replaced on set amidst the challenges.
– Jaws, initially scheduled for a 55-day shoot, took 159 days to complete.
– Despite the difficulties faced during production, the was a massive hit, grossing over $476.5 million against a budget of just $12 million.

Spielberg's Production Nightmare: The Filming of ‘Jaws'

Steven Spielberg, one of the most applauded directors, looks back at the filming of the 1975 iconic thriller, Jaws with more dread than fondness. Notoriously challenging to shoot, Jaws gave Spielberg and his and crew nightmares on set.

The Scary Realities of Filming Jaws

Long before the mechanical shark in Jaws terrified beachgoers on Amity Island, the real- fears on set were already underway for the cast and crew. Recollecting his experience, Spielberg disclosed to Vanity Fair, “Being on Jaws became a living nightmare.” But it wasn't the mechanical shark that induced this fear; instead, it was the difficulties associated with filming at sea.

The fictional Amity Island setting, shot off the coast of , resulted in numerous members of the crew suffering from seasickness. Spielberg confessed, “When we got out to the ocean, a lot of the crew got seasick, and once that passed, a kind of lethargy set in because we weren't seemingly getting anything done. The end never seemed to be in sight, and yet I was the only person who could reassure the crew that there would be an end to this someday.”

Spielberg Feared Replacement

While Spielberg's directorial prowess had already earned him acclaim, the intricate challenges faced during Jaws' filming made him fear being replaced. Spielberg remembered how his crew members longed for the end of the seemingly endless production.

“I remember on the 60th day of shooting, crew members came to me asking, ‘When are we going to be done with this movie?'” Spielberg recalled. “And I would honestly say, ‘I don't know. We could finish it if I get fired, if I'm dragged off the movie and replaced by someone who could complete it quickly. Or maybe they'll shut us down.'”

A Daunting Filming Schedule

Despite the many on-set difficulties and Spielberg's apprehensions about winding up, the production eventually achieved completion. Confounding it's initially planned 55-day schedule, Jaws took a whopping 159 days to complete.

Success At Last

Despite the tireless efforts, intolerable conditions, and the prevalent idea of a shutdown, Spielberg and his team's efforts bore fruit. The labeled as modern summer blockbuster recorded a momentous success. Garnering nominations in the prestigious ‘Best Picture Oscar', it triumphed in three categories: Best Film Editing, Best Original Dramatic Score, and Best Sound.

In a Cinderella style end, Jaws grossed an astounding $476.5 million against a production budget of just $12 million. Spielberg's fear and the living nightmare ultimately off, contributing to his legacy as one of the greatest filmmakers. This example is a testament to how challenges can often lead to unseen and successes.

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