How to Make a Viral Video

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We know it's more complicated than ever to make an impact in this digital age, especially when it comes to videomaking. Unsurprisingly, making a viral video has become an aspiration for many directors, actors, influencers, and models. But what does it take to create such a unique piece? How does one go about getting their video seen by millions of people around the world? In this blog post, I will provide insight into how you can make a truly memorable and engaging video that is sure to get shared far and wide. From choosing your theme carefully, ensuring your cast delivers brilliant performances, and plenty of tips on distributing your content effectively—this guide covers all aspects necessary for creating the perfect viral video!

Research what videos have gone viral in the past and why they were successful.

When creating successful viral video content, research is critical to understanding what made previous content successful. An excellent place to start is to ask why some videos have gone viral and achieved millions of views. Was it due to timely or relevant topics? Did any big celebrities or influencers help promote it? Examining the aspects that contributed to these successes, such as the use of clever plots or appealing visual effects, can help aspiring videomakers identify essential components that must be present in their projects. Ultimately, a combination of high-quality video production and creative marketing techniques can give content creators a much-needed edge when making a successful viral video.

Identify a unique concept that is certain to captivate an audience.

Creating a viral video starts with crafting an exciting concept to captivate your audience. Think outside the box and look for ways to surprise viewers to stand out. Consider topics that draw on emotion, be it suspense, joy, or even shock, as this will help increase the chances of sharing across all platforms. Additionally, experiment with different genres and combinations thereof to differentiate yourself from more traditional video arcs. Once you have an idea worth sharing, create an exciting narrative with intriguing visuals that reflect your unique vision and will appeal to millions. Crafting a memorable story is no easy task; however, it is well worth the effort when done right – as viewers will flock to stories they can relate to or feel inspired by.

Script a storyboard with creative dialogue and plot points.

Crafting a creative storyboard is essential to making a viral video. Dialogue and plot points in the script of the storyboard must be written with care and creativity, as they set the tone for the video and make it inviting for prospective viewers. Take some time to generate original, humorous, and thought-provoking ideas - even if they don't end up in the storyboard, it's still valuable practice. Once you have some ideas, think critically about how they can be refined into impactful scenes that viewers will remember long after watching. Your final result should be an engaging storyline with all elements necessary to make your video successful in reaching Viral status!

Hire a talented cast and crew to bring your vision to life.

Hiring a talented cast and crew is essential to make an impactful viral video. They bring your vision to life and use their expertise and experience to help turn what may start as an average video into something truly unique. They’ll give you the necessary skill set to take your project from mediocre to magnificent. From professional cinematographers to skilled actors, having a competent team working alongside you is invaluable and can make all the difference when attempting to go viral.

Work with the post-production team to add the finishing touches.

Once your video is shot, it's time to work with the post-production team to add the final touches and elevate your story. Bypassing small details like adding captions and music can make all the difference in creating a memorable piece of video that resonates with audiences. Also, sharpening and editing specific frames, playing with color grading or tonal balance, or remembering to end on an emotional beat are all other considerations when going through post-production. Being mindful of the post-production process can be vital to gaining that viral success you're looking for.

Promote the video on social media, forums, websites, etc.

Promoting your video on social media can be a powerful way to reach your target audience. Posting interesting images, video previews, and engaging descriptions are great ways to spark interest in your upcoming project. Leveraging forums, websites, and other points of interest based on the topics of your movie can be very effective in bringing attention to your project. Additionally, you'll focus on building relationships online by engaging in current conversations and networking with people already involved in the same circles as you. With the right strategy in place, it's possible to spread the word about your video far and wide - so don't be afraid to get creative and make some noise!


Crafting a successful and viral video is no simple task; however, with the proper research and creative execution, it can be done. As discussed in this blog, coming up with an inventive concept that captures the attention of viewers, then scripting a storyboard with engaging dialogue and plot points to carry it out is critical. Hiring a talented cast and crew to help you recreater your vision is also essential for your video to be eye-catching. Remember the post-production stage, too; adding subtle gems of sound effects and music (if necessary) will bring your movie from good to great. Lastly, promoting your work on popular websites like YouTube, TikTok, or Reddit can garner much traffic that could lead to viral success. So take advantage of these opportunities! With hard work and persistence, anything is possible; let's make some video history!