Fox is Now Looking for Aspiring Writers

21st Century Fox has launched the 2018 Fox Writers Lab and accepting applications for aspiring writers.

"The Fox Writers Lab is a highly selective initiative designed to nurture experienced writers who have diverse voices, backgrounds, and life experiences. We are looking for fearless storytellers who will create a strong pipeline of well-rounded talent for potential staffing on Fox television shows, films, and other Fox Entertainment properties."

The program offers aspiring writers an immersive 4 month program focused on developing original material, enhancing writing skills, and exploring the business of the film industry. Eight writers will be selected to participate in the program. The selected writers will receive a blind script deal with Fox Broadcasting Company.

To apply, you will need the following:

  • One (1) Original Pilot Script
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Bio
  • Personal Statement
  • Script Synopsis
  • Logline
  • 3 Additional Original Loglines
  • Submission Agreement
  • If you are a part of a team: Writing teams should submit ONE application on behalf of the team (example:  “John Smith and Joe Schmo.”)  Within that one application, please submit separate bios and resumes for each member of the team.  Submit two (2) recommendation letters jointly recommending the team.  Otherwise, please submit one recommendation letter for each team member, for a total of two (2) recommendation letters.  All submission agreements should be signed separately by each member of the team and uploaded to the application.


  • Eight (8) writers will be selected to participate in the FWL.
  • One (1) FWL writer will be named the 2018 FWL Fellow. The FWL Fellow will receive a blind script development deal with Fox Broadcasting Company.
  • All FWL writers receive priority staffing meetings for the established FWL Staff Writer position on Fox television shows.
  • A small stipend to cover expenses will be paid to FWL writers while in the program.
  • FWL writers grant to FOX an exclusive “First Look” to each FWL Script.


  • All FWL class sessions are held after normal business hours from 7-10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to accommodate those working full-time.
  • During the course of the 2018 FWL, writers will refine, polish, tweak, and re-write original scripts that have already been written (not developing and drafting new scripts, unlike years past).


  • Up to 750 people may submit for consideration to the FWL initiative until October 22 or once Fox has received 750 complete applications (whichever comes first). 
  • The submissions will be juried by selected Fox readers until November 8th.
  • The highest ranked scripts will move forward to a semifinals round. If you make it to the semi-finals round, you will be notified on or before November 9th. If selected for this round, you will be asked to submit a full PDF of your script.
  • The final 8 writers accepted into the lab will be notified on or before December 10th.
  • For more information and to apply click here.