Beginner's Guide: How to Become a Famous Actor

Learn how to become a famous actor with these tips.

Did you know that  that Jennifer Lawrence was first discovered on a New York City sidewalk? Jennifer Lawrence’s first brush with showbiz came at the tender age of 14, when her mother brought her to New York City and she was approached in Union Square by a man with modeling agency connections. Should would later ditch modeling and become a world famous actor. Do you want to become famous? Have you ever wondered how certain actors land more acting Well one former Hollywood talent agent recently opened up on Reddit about what it’s like to work in Hollywood, how talent agencies get their actors and actresses cast and what actors can do in order to land more roles. And it’s pretty surprising.

It's all about your IMDB Rank!

Famous Maxxa Satori / "What is your IMDB rank? I had a client that was in the same situation as you, I started doing publicity for her and getting name in the news, that increased her ranking by about 500 points in just a day." He pointed out. Apparently, "She began booking right after because IMDB showed her as on the rise."

The guide to becoming famous is about "making yourself available"

"That is not all there is to it but make yourself available on social media, interviews, red carpet events any and every opportunity to get your name spread by other people will increase your chances of getting casted for a major role."

If you're agent isn't helping you, move on.

"Even with all of that, if you have been with the same agency for that long sometimes a change isn't a bad idea. if you feel that they are no longer giving you first rate consideration, then maybe moving to another team that is excited about you all over again would be best." If you’re interested in landing a talent agent. Check out our free talent agency guide here. You can also check out the latest talent agency casting calls here.

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