Tips and AdviceFilm SchoolDenis Villeneuve Opens Up About Fear While Creating Acclaimed Crime-Thriller 'Prisoners'

Denis Villeneuve Opens Up About Fear While Creating Acclaimed Crime-Thriller ‘Prisoners’


Key Takeaways:

– Acclaimed director confesses to having been “deeply scared” while making the crime-thriller ‘Prisoners.'
– Filmmaker faced personal fears of the movie's extreme darkness and violence.
– Despite his fear, Villeneuve's of following his “inspiration” eventually led him to create one of his best works.
– The horror during the filming process included filming extremely intense and anxiety-inducing scenes.

The Craft of Creating ‘Prisoners': Denis Villeneuve's Personal Fear

World-renowned Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, credited with some of the unforgettable gems of Hollywood, recently shared his fear while creating the universally admired crime-thriller, ‘Prisoners.' Standing out even among his portfolio of exceptional works, including the ‘Dune' -action adaptations, the film's creation was instigated more by inspiration and less by desire, revealing a fascinating blend of fear and creativity in the director's process.

Deep-seated Fear in Confronting ‘Prisoners'

Despite the acclaim for ‘Prisoners,' Villeneuve acknowledged a certain trepidation in undertaking the project. His decision to helm the film came from a place of personal fear, primarily due to its intense dark themes and violence. This concern was further intensified as he had just wrapped up on another of his brooding projects, ‘Incendies.'

An interview with IndieWire revealed Villeneuve's initial apprehension. The director confessed that the material's explicit darkness frightened him initially. He shared that he was for something different since he the script was too loaded with disturbing elements, all of which stemmed from a deeply ingrained personal fear.

The Circular Journey Towards ‘Prisoners'

Despite his initial reluctance, Villeneuve couldn't pull away from the script. The director explained that the process of filmmaking isn't always as straightforward as doing what you want. Sometimes it's about following your inspiration and doing what you're capable of. In his case, the script for ‘Prisoners' kept haunting him until he found the courage within himself to take it on.

However, even then, Villeneuve admitted to still being very apprehensive of the process, especially while certain tense and fearful scenes. The mere creation of such scenes, enough to make the squirm uncomfortably, must indeed have been a daunting task for the creators, including Villeneuve.

Treading the Fine Line During Filming

Villeneuve shared that they were “walking on the edge all the time” during filming. Attempting to steer clear of clichés, he confessed feeling anxious about many scenes. To portray the raw and shocking elements faithfully without tipping over into sensationalism was indeed a tough line to walk. The director credits his partner, Roger, for helping him maintain this delicate balance during the filming process.

Reaping the Rewards of Fear and Inspiration

Despite the profound fear and the challenging process, ‘Prisoners' emerged as a lifetime achievement for Villeneuve. The movie not only boasted an impressive 81% rating on the Tomatometer but also raked in $122 million from worldwide box offices, phenomenal results considering the movie's production budget of $46 million. With ‘Prisoners,' Villeneuve confronted his fears and embraced his inspiration, leading to a film that remains a defining highlight of his illustrious .

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