Clint Eastwood To Make Final Film of His Career at Warner Bros.

Clint Eastwood Angelina Jolie

Clint Eastwood & Angelina Jolie at the photocall for their new movie "Changeling" at the 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival. May 20, 2008 Cannes, France. Picture: Paul Smith / Featureflash - Image (Featureflash Photo Agency /

After a remarkable six-decade career, living legend Clint Eastwood is set to premiere his final feature film with Warner Bros. in the coming months.

After a storied career, Clint Eastwood is finally taking his leave from the silver screen. Warner Bros. will be the lucky studio to host the iconic actor-director's swan song film.

During a more than six decades-long career, Clint Eastwood has become one of history's most iconic cinematic figures. He boasts an impressive roster of nearly fifty feature films to his name. According to DiscussingFilm, since Gran Torino in 2008, Eastwood has remained exclusively with Warner Bros., creating ten more movies for them, amongst the Oscar-nominated films such as Invictus, American Sniper, Sully, and Richard Jewell. This year, with Warner Bros, Clint Eastwood premiered Cry Macho on HBO Max and in movie theaters nationwide.

Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Eastwood's final movie will be dubbed. Juror #2, although this still needs to be verified. This upcoming thriller is said to follow a juror in a murder trial who comes to the startling realization that he may have been responsible for the victim's untimely demise. As he grapples with this challenging difficulty, the juror must choose between manipulating the jury to protect himself or admitting and revealing the truth. This will be Clint Eastwood's last film before he retires, and it is unmistakable that he will oversee the production. As he edges ever closer to 93, Eastwood stands as an admired four-time Oscar winner. According to those close to him, he is ready to retire from the industry after producing this film.

Although the same premiere of this cinematic masterpiece has yet to be announced, it will signify Eastwood's 40th film in his acclaimed directorial career.