Britney Spears' Amazing "The Notebook" Audition Resurfaces After Two Decades


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In a surprising revelation, a never-before-seen audition tape of pop icon Britney Spears for the 2004 romantic drama "The Notebook" has been unveiled. The video showcases an emotional Spears delivering lines alongside Ryan Gosling, hinting at what could have been had she secured the role that eventually went to Rachel McAdams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Britney Spears' audition tape for "The Notebook" from 2002 has been released.
  • The singer auditioned alongside Ryan Gosling for the co-lead role, which was later played by Rachel McAdams.
  • The video was kept under wraps for years by casting director Matthew Barry.
  • An eBay listing in 2021 offered the tape for a staggering $1 million.
  • Spears has recently discussed the missed opportunity in her memoir "The Woman In Me."

A Glimpse into What Might Have Been

The audition video, which spans nearly three minutes, captures Spears in a tearful performance, hinting at the depth and range she could have brought to the character. The tape was released online by The Daily Mail, which revealed that the video had been concealed for years by casting director Matthew Barry. Interestingly, there was an eBay listing in 2021 that offered the tape for a whopping $1 million.

Spears' Take on the Missed Opportunity

Britney Spears has been making headlines recently with the release of her eagerly anticipated memoir, "The Woman In Me." In the book, she touched upon the missed opportunity of starring in "The Notebook." She expressed her sentiments, stating, "Even though it would have been fun to reconnect with Ryan Gosling after our time on the Mickey Mouse Club, I’m glad I didn’t do it." Spears elaborated on the challenges of separating oneself from a character, emphasizing the psychological toll it can take on an actor.

The Legacy of "The Notebook"

"The Notebook," directed by Nick Cassavetes, is based on Nicholas Sparks' 1996 novel. The story revolves around a young couple's love story set in the 1940s, juxtaposed with their later years, marked by the challenges of Alzheimer's disease. The film was a commercial success, grossing $115 million worldwide.

Spears' Journey in the Film Industry

Britney Spears, primarily known for her singing prowess, had previously ventured into acting with the 2002 coming-of-age dramedy "Crossroads." The film, however, did not fare well with critics. Her new memoir, set to release on October 24, delves deep into her life, chronicling her rise to fame, personal relationships, and the tumultuous 13-year conservatorship that concluded in November 2021.


The revelation of Britney Spears' audition tape for "The Notebook" offers a tantalizing glimpse into an alternate cinematic universe. As fans and critics alike revisit the tape, it serves as a testament to Spears' versatility and the myriad paths her career could have taken.

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