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Action Star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Risky Decision Ledd to $25 Million Loss


Key Takeaways:

– Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that the film ‘Kindergarten Cop' could have earned an additional $25 million.
– Critics the movie's tone was confused, mixing violence with childish humor.
– Schwarzenegger defended the film amidst criticism, arguing that it made a conscious effort to limit violence.

superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, known primarily for his action roles, boasts a whopping net worth of $400 million. Nevertheless, he isn't exempt from the brunt of risky decisions, which in some cases have greatly affected his wealth accumulation.

An illustrative example is his role in the celebrated 1990 film ‘Kindergarten Cop.' Despite the film's success, Schwarzenegger believes a critical decision may have cost the movie a potential increase of $25 million in its earnings.

Reflection on the Success of ‘Kindergarten Cop'

Following the narrative of a tough-undercover-cop-turned-kindergarten-teacher, ‘Kindergarten Cop' was a success, accumulating over $200 million worldwide. Nevertheless, Schwarzenegger felt the movie could have been a greater triumph.

Reminiscing on the hit film ‘Twins,' directed by , which earned over $110 million in the US, the Austrian-born star revealed his belief that ‘Kindergarten Cop' should have equaled or even surpassed this box office momentum.

“I'd say we missed out on $25 million. Our reach should have mirrored that of ‘Twins,' which gathered over $110 million, while ‘Kindergarten Cop' reached just $85 million.” Schwarzenegger expressed in a candid talk with Interview Magazine. As of early 2024, ‘Kindergarten Cop' has generated around $91.4 million in the United States and a total of $110.5 million internationally.

Controversy and Criticism Surrounding the Film

Despite its box office success, critics raised concerns over the tone of the film, noting that it meshed violent scenes with childlike humor. The movie's unusual approach elicited polarized feedback, with some hailing the film for its humor while others criticized its casual portrayal of violence.

Selected reviews from Rotten Tomatoes succinctly summarized these sentiments, ”Kindergarten Cop' seems too grim for kids, and far too sweet for adult tastes.”

Schwarzenegger's Defense

Schwarzenegger hasn't shied away from facing the criticism levied on his movie. He stood in defense of the decisions made by himself and director Ivan Reitman during the film's production.

The former Governor of California reflected on this controversy, saying, “The film, Ivan, and I shared the . In such situations, it's impossible to dissociate oneself. It's crucial to take responsibility both ways.”

Schwarzenegger further stressed that a conscious effort was made to tone down the violence in the film, citing the movie's PG-13 rating as clear forewarning to .

Evaluating the Film's Unique Strength

Notwithstanding the criticism, the believes the movie's strength lies in its unique concept- a tough cop in a powerless situation. He argues that this contrast creates an unusual but exciting mix of humor and serious plot, making it one of his personal favorites.

Interested readers can watch ‘Kindergarten Cop' on Apple TV or Amazon Prime . While its legacy carries a bit of weight, it enjoys a relatively successful stature in Schwarzenegger's illustrious film portfolio.

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