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Sometimes being an actor is more than just portraying a character accurately, and efficiently. But, it requires learning the subtleties of acting in order to become a great actor. One of the biggest thing an aspiring actor can learn is to "Hit Your Mark". Hitting your mark means that you do your action, would it be dialogue, or movement, at a specific location on set.  By hitting your mark effectively, you are able to complete your dialogue, and actions on camera allowing for the scene to come to life on the camera screen. Your "mark" is assigned by the director of photography and the director. The camera assistant would place a small piece of tape on the ground pointing you to the direction where you should stop. However, if you are in the middle of the scene, it would look extremely out of place if you are searching for your mark on screen! So, as the video explains "triangulate" where you should stop during a specified scene.
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